Chai Cookbook - 'Chai's Plateful of Love - Cooking for friends'

Chai Cookbook - 'Chai's Plateful of Love - Cooking for friends'


A Message From The Cookbook Team

A diagnosis of cancer turns our lives upside down. We can feel hopeless and helpless faced with this devastating disease. Each day brings a new challenge, both emotional and physical.

This book is borne out of the desire to help support the many people in our community struggling with cancer. The aim of our small, dedicated team of volunteers was to create something beautiful that would bring a smile to people's faces, and some warmth into their bodies and souls.

Chai's "Plateful of Love - Cooking for Friends" features your best-loved, most delicious recipes and stories from the heart. It will speak to the whole community drawn together by food, each recipe with its own journey and meaning. From treasured family recipes, right through to new, contemporary dishes to tantalise the taste buds.

"Plateful of Love" contains over 100 recipes to inspire us all, bursting with wonderful ideas and flavours to prepare for our friends and those we love.

Thank you for your generous support and for helping to bring this book to life.


The Cookbook Team

Claire Cantor, Jemma Harrison, Louise Gluckstein, Nikki Epstein and Tamar Lehmann