Egg Entrepreneur Avi Gardner donates January egg proceeds to Chai


10 year old, egg entrepreneur, Avi Gardner from Whitefield owns over 70 hens and sells their eggs to the public. He very kindly decided to give Chai a % of his January proceeds which totalled £50.

Please read his story below:

Avi started with four hens as pets and when he added a few more there were too many eggs at home in Whitefield.So he thought it was a good idea to start selling the surplus eggs and donating a percentage of his takings to charity.

Initially he set up a stand at the front of the house and relied on passing trade but soon realised if he delivered them locally, more people could enjoy the lovely eggs his hens were producing.Free weekly delivery of fresh eggs seemed to be a hit and as news spread, demand increased so he had to buy some more hens and now the flock is made up of over 70 hens with Avi planning to increase it further.

Some of the hens still live in Avi’s back garden but it isn’t large enough to keep them all so he rents some land on a small-holding close by.

So far feedback has been excellent with several regular customers both locally and also as far away as Eccles and Altrincham.

Each month a different local charity has benefitted from a donation and Avi will continue to support charities in this way.