Ayala and Gali Sponsored Haircut in aid of Chai


On Friday 3rd March, close friends, Ayala Soriano and Gali Shaya chose to cut their long hair in aid of Chai. Their selfless act has raised over £1,110 so far.

Speaking of why they chose to donate the funds raised in sponsorship to Chai, Ayala said: “We chose to donate to Chai because my neighbour is Louise Hager and one time, when she came to eat at my house, she was telling my family about the organisation ,Chai, and I was really inspired and amazed by all your outstanding work! Furthermore, I participated as a younger girl in the ‘Dancing with Louise’ shows which were also as a support to Chai. Gali and I also decided to donate our hair to Chai as it is different to all other cancer organisations in the sense that it is much more local and when one donates or supports them it is much easier to feel the act of kindness and donation you are giving.”

Chai would like to thank Ayala and Gali for their bravery, dedication and amazing fundraising efforts!