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Following her treatment for breast cancer, kosher food producer Jackie Loebenberg is using the launch of her company Eureka Cove’s new frozen meal range to raise funds for Chai Cancer Care.

Jackie, from Mill Hill, was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2016, just months after she and her husband Richie launched their fledgling company’s first fresh food products in Costco’s kosher section.

‘It was a huge shock and from that point I turned to Chai, who had already been a big support to my mother, who also had breast cancer,’ says Jackie.

Chai, which offers 58 services at 11 different centres in the UK, for patients, their families and friends affected by a cancer diagnosis, immediately provided a counsellor for Jackie.

‘In the run-up to the operation in December, a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, I saw her regularly as she talked me through everything.’

Throughout this period the Loebenbergs were working hard to continue their plans for Eureka Cove, developing its new range - nutritious, preservative-free, luxury frozen meals.

‘The day before my operation Richard and I were giving a presentation on the products to one of our major customers. It felt like our Eureka Cove journey and our cancer journey with Chai went hand-in-hand, so it seems fitting that Chai should be with us on the next stop of that journey as we launch the new range this month – so 25p from every meal sold will be donated to the charity.’

Jackie began chemotherapy in January. She says: ‘All the different therapists at Chai made a real difference; as well as the counselling, I had reflexology, yoga, nutritional advice, physio and deep tissue massage from an amazing woman who specialises in helping breast cancer patients, post-surgery.’

In the mean-time Richard was trying to work on the business and keep family life afloat – the couple have five children between them.

‘Richard also saw a counsellor at Chai, as did my daughter Becca who found my diagnosis very difficult. During the chemo, there were a couple of points when I was so low, Richard didn’t know what to do. This was when he picked up the phone to Chai. Just knowing they are there whenever we need them has made a huge difference.

‘Chai got us through this difficult time and now we want to make a difference for other Chai clients. Our vision for Eureka Cove is a high-quality, nutritious, freedom brand. We feel it is pioneering in the kosher world – just as Chai are pioneers in the world of supportive cancer care.’

Eureka Cove’s new range of 5 frozen meals launches exclusively in 60 Tesco supermarkets and selected independent kosher outlets on September 17, with 25p from every meal sold donated to Chai Cancer Care.