Challah’s on the menu for Chai’s clients in aid of Mitzvah Day 2018


In celebration of Mitzvah Day 2018, over 40, teenagers from BBYO and Project ImpACT came to Chai's Flagship Centre in Hendon to bake challah for Chai’s clients. 

The group learnt how to make the challah, kneading and the intricate art of braiding and there was an amazing atmosphere in the Lecture Hall.

The 14 and 15 year olds were also given a tour of the centre including the Children’s Play Therapy room and the Teenage Resource Service which showed the vital support that Chai provides to children where there is cancer in the family.

This act of kindness was such a brilliant Mitzvah, and Chai would like to thank BBYO, Project ImpACT and all the kids for attending!