Advocacy and Advice

Chai can help clients and their families navigate the complex systems of the NHS and the Local Authority Services to ensure that they receive the care from statutory organisations to which they are entitled.

Chai also provides access to information about a wide range of services and benefits that clients may be entitled to, some of which are not means tested. Help is also at hand to complete these often complex forms.

We can also advise on travel insurance, carer & nursing support and advise on suitable residential and nursing homes. Chai also provides advocacy for clients and families when dealing with statutory agencies, and support them in Multidisciplinary Team Meetings at hospitals and hospices, when care packages are being discussed. We can also negotiate with care homes and social services on their behalf or give advice over the phone to families guiding them in what they need to ask for.

Chai is also able to make referrals to a range of specialist providers, such as social services, palliative care teams, genetic services, voluntary and care agencies.

We have recently commenced a new advisory service to advise clients on a wide range of issues such as debt, family issues, housing, benefits and  employment discrimination. This can be arranged on a fixed appointment basis.

Information and appointments please call 020 8202 2211