Future Plans- achieved!


The refurbishment of Chai’s third building is now complete!

The building has been refurbished to spec to suit each service that is provided in it.

The ground floor houses the new Medical Outpatient Rehabilitation and Palliative Care service. It has enabled service expansion so more patients can use this innovative service alongside Chai’s therapeutic and advisory services.

The 1st floor of the building now provides additional space for Chai’s many and varied group activities e.g. educational events, continued professional training for our counsellors and therapists, one and two day support workshops for cancer patients and families.

The 2nd floor houses a large new, functional art room where our hugely popular art workshop has expanded in response to many requests. Instead of just once a week, our clients now enjoy their creative sides whenever they wish. Chai’s Play Therapist will also use this facility.

The rest of the floor is used for music therapy, for group and individual sessions.

The last part of the refurbishment has been the car park – which on most days used to be overflowing. Additional spaces are now available to accommodate the ever growing number of clients using the site every day. Our four gardens, some small and intimate, others more spacious with varied plant life, now provides our clients with areas to relax on their own or in groups.