Amazon Jungle Survivor Challenge 24th June – 03 July 2019

Challenge yourself both physically and mentally as you push completely out of your comfort zone. In this remote jungle, you will experience breath-taking biodiversity as you encounter rarely seen species of rainforest animals.

You will:

  • Trek and kayak your way through the Amazon - the world’s largest tropical rainforest
  • Discover jungle wildlife
  • Get to grips with jungle living and spend your nights sleeping in a hammock

Sign up herehttps://www.charitychallenge.com/expedition/2957/Amazon-Jungle-Survivor-Challenge 




Snowdon Triple Challenge- 26th - 27th May 2019 

Pit yourself against some of the UK’s most rugged landscape as you summit the mighty Snowdon whilst surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery the UK has to offer.

You will:

  • Tackle all terrains as you cycle, trek and kayak in just one day
  • Summit the highest peak in Wales
  • Confront steep climbs and gruelling hills over the 36km route

Sign up here! https://www.charitychallenge.com/expedition/2951/Snowdon-Triple-Challenge 


To find out more, please email alexandramaurice@chaicancercare.org or call 020 8457 3394

*Both challenges are female only & are strictly vegetarian*