Ways to Fundraise


Chai is entirely reliant on voluntary donations from the community. All funds raised enable us to continue to provide the wide range of services we offer to those affected by cancer.

If you would like to help us raise vital funds for Chai amongst your friends, family, colleagues or peers here follows a few fundraising ideas to inspire you:

  • Organise/ host an event – why not suggest a minimum donation to attend?
  • Participate in a sponsored activity – perhaps set up a sponsorship webpage 
  • Nominate Chai as the recipient of donations for your celebration or occasion
  • Purchase Chai Tokens to present to your friends – why not help us sell them to the wider community?
  • Does your place of work participate in a Matched Giving Scheme
  • Host a table at our 2012 Annual Fundraising Dinner
  • Buy Chai Gift Cards and Calenders for your friends and loved ones

For more information or assistance with your fundraising please call Caroline on 0208 457 3233 or email carolinetunkel@chaicancercare.org