Chai launches ‘Navigating cancer…together’ Pesach Appeal

Gideon and his Family.JPG

This year, Chai’s Pesach appeal features a personal account from Chai client, Gideon Josephs’. Gideon talks about how Chai helped his family to cope with the impact of his diagnosis enabling them to find a new frame of reference to navigate each and every day.

Read Gideon’s story in his own words below:

“Being a Personal Trainer and living an extremely active lifestyle, I never expected that during a trip to Israel for a simcha, I would be rushed to hospital with acute stomach pains. Once I got home and following extensive tests, I just couldn’t believe the words, ‘….you’ve got bowel cancer.’

My initial surgery was a success but I later developed complications which led to two further, major operations. There were a few ups and hundreds of downs as I spent a year in and out of hospital.

Seeing the effect of my cancer diagnosis on my wife, my three young children, my sister, my parents and my in-laws, my consultant told us to contact Chai without delay.

Over the last year, Chai has been there for all of us, as individuals and as a family, with one to one counselling, couples counselling, reflexology, regular gym sessions, play and art therapy, jewellery making, meditation and mindfulness sessions.

Helping us all to navigate cancer together.”

With no government funding, we depend on the generosity of the community to provide 58 specialised services and care to over 3,400 clients across the UK.

Together we can cope