Chai leads the way with tap and donate ‘Chai Five Me’ Campaign

Rabbi Ginsbury and a young Chai supporter.JPG

Another “first” for Chai! Last week Chai Cancer Care launched ‘Chai Five Me’, a ‘tap and go’ donation campaign through a shop window front - making tzedakah giving easily accessible for the North-West London community.


Our first contactless donation point was unveiled in Kosher Kingdom’s window with a poster of George Rosenfeld, a Chai Ambassador, asking you to give him a ‘Chai Five’. The concept is simple, tap your card or mobile device on George’s hand to donate £3 to Chai. 100 per cent of donations will help more than 3,500 cancer patients and their loved ones, who turn to Chai for support during what is often the toughest of times.                                                                                                        

As Chai has often been described as a pioneer and leader in the field of cancer support, we are so excited that this futuristic concept is the first from any Jewish organisation. And following the success of the Kosher Kingdom launch, we are delighted to announce that more units will be launched in Tapuach (Hendon), Daniels (Temple Fortune), Brackmans Bakery (Prestwich) and Haydn’s Kosher Meats (Whitefield) over the next few weeks. 

George Rosenfeld, the face of the campaign, said: “The Chai Five campaign is so exciting because it gives people the opportunity to engage with giving in a new and exciting way. I've seen first-hand at Chai's London centre the incredible support they offer to cancer patients and their loved ones. Kol Tov (formerly The 4 Sons) have been supporting Chai since we began singing and raising money back in 2012, and it has become a special organisation for all of us.”

Chai’s Chairman, Louise Hager, said: “Having this facility so easily accessible means that people have the opportunity to give tzedakah in the spur of the moment. They may know someone who is in recovery, somebody who needs a refuah shlema or they may simply wish to mark a simcha. Since our launch hundreds of people have donated – it’s the 21st Century version of the tzedakah box concept.”

The Kosher Kingdom management, said: “We are honoured and delighted to be the first location to partner with Chai in their most original ‘Chai Five’ initiative. Wishing them every success!”