‘Chai’s Plateful of Love – Cooking for Friends’ has the recipe for fundraising!


On Friday 27th May Claire Cantor, and her ‘Cookbook Team’, Jemma Harrison, Louise Gluckstein, Nikki Epstein and Tamar Lehmann launched ‘Chai’s Plateful of Love – Cooking for Friends’. The cookbook, sponsored by The Lehmann Charitable Trust was dedicated to the memory of Colin Lehmann who passed away in February 2016. 

Welcoming over 60 guests into her home, Claire Cantor, spoke about the inspiration behind the cookbook, she said: ”In January 2015 my brother in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As Colin underwent months of chemo and interventions, his appetite was affected. My sister and I talked endlessly about food and what she could make for him. I realised how powerless we feel when we cannot provide food for the people we love and equally how good we feel when we can share our love through beautiful food and so came the idea for the book.                                                                                                      

Here we have an incredible collection of wonderful recipes and stories, all given from a place of love and support. The book is a celebration of life and a glimmer of beauty in the midst of much sadness.”

Colin’s daughter, Tamar delivered an extremely moving speech, she said: “It is very easy to underestimate the services that charities provide until you need to use the services yourself. Over the past 15 months, Chai has provided me a quiet space to think, ears that will always listen and advice that will help me to cope with the unthinkable that fell upon my family.

When I first approached my dad about sponsoring the cookbook, he didn’t even question it. Similarly when he was invited to the Chai fundraising dinner last year he responded “yes” immediately. Although he always attended the dinner, he was asked by a friend if this year was too hard for him and my mum, given the situation. He said “absolutely not! If you can’t support charities like Chai when you need them the most, who will?”

It is such a special legacy for my family to know that over 1000 people around the world will have cookbooks in memory of my dad in their homes.”

Chai’s Chairman, Louise Hager, said, “On behalf of everyone at Chai, our heartfelt thanks to the Cookbook Team. Your vision has become a reality! The response has been outstanding. It is a wonderful acknowledgment of your commitment to this fabulous project. You are all truly inspiring!

‘Chai’s Plateful of Love – Cooking for Friends’ can be purchased online at http://www.chaicancercare.org/get-involved/events/chai-cookbook-a-plateful-of-love/2016-06-01/