Celebrations and Occasions


To mark your own celebration or occasion, for example an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah, why not ask your friends and loved ones to make a donation to Chai as an alternative to receiving a gift. Should you wish, we will provide you with a gift card to include with your invitation to your guests. 

If you are attending a celebration or occasion, why not make a donation to Chai in your host’s honour. We will write to them to notify them that a donation has been made. Please note that it is our policy to not disclose the amount to the recipient.

Chai Gift Tokens - are you tired of bringing a bottle of wine or another box of chocolates to your friends’ homes for their hospitality? Chai is proud to present Chai Tokens a unique way of saying thank you whilst making a donation to Chai. 

These are available in £10 and £25 denominations and can presented to your “host” on the night.