Counselling for cancer patients, their families and friends

It is often difficult to talk about the important issues that a cancer diagnosis brings for the patient- and his or her family and friends. Our counselling services offer a safe haven in which one can talk freely about any concerns or distress being experienced.


Our professional counselling team works with our clients, who may be the cancer patients, family members or friends, providing an outlet to discuss and unburden fears and anxieties, all in the strictest confidence.


Each client's situation is different. Chai's counsellors have vast experience and understand the many diverse issues that Jewish cancer patients, their families and friends needs to talk about.


Counselling for Genetic Issues

With so much information, often conflicting, in the public domain many clients now have questions and concerns about the possible genetic implications of a cancer diagnosis for themselves or their families. They may not only seek information that is technically correct, but also some assistance to understand it and to appreciate its relevance to their own circumstances, choices and feelings.


Our counsellors are privileged to be working with the renowned genetic team at the Royal Marsden Hospital, and are particularly well placed to help clients resolve which course of action is most appropriate for them.


Counselling for Relationship Issues

Some cancers have an effect on physical intimacy which can be particularly traumatic and especially diffucult to talk about.


We provide psychosexual counselling to deal with these issues in a highly sensitive manner. This service is available to individuals or couples.


Telephone Counselling

Although it is preferable to have face to face counselling, there are many reasons why this is not always practical or possible. In these circumstances our counsellors are able to offer highly valued and beneficial confidential telephone counselling.


International Counselling

Chai’s reputation is growing not just nationally, but internationally, and we now offer Skype counselling sessions to clients around the world.



Art Therapy


The aim of Art Therapy is to use the visual arts as a medium for healing, self awareness and self-development and can help clients to explore unconscious thoughts and express emotions in a non-verbal way. The intention is not a focus on the artistic skills of the client but their engagement in a creative personal process.




Music Therapy


Sing, play, shout, clap, laugh, cry….we all respond to music. Music Therapy harnesses that universal response to help people in many ways. For some the benefits are physical, for others they can be emotional, social or cognitive. It can help people living with huge challenges to face their lives with more hope and self-confidence.


A Music Therapy session can vary enormously depending on the person or group of people but starts on the premise that all people respond to music, irrespective of whether they consider themselves ‘musical’. The work can involve singing, playing or listening to familiar music together.


Our registered music therapist will provide both individual and group music therapy sessions, working with clients; individuals, children, families and couples.


Whoever the client, whatever the challenge, the focus if on working with what people can do; the potential they still have to create, communicate and improve their quality of life.