Art Workshop

Art is used to nurture the development of your natural artistic creativity and personal self expression. The Art Workshop at Chai is open to everyone regardless of experience or lack of it. Everyone works at their own pace so there is absolutely no pressure or added stress. The Art Workshop enables you to relax and enjoy the sheer pleasure of putting paint onto paper. Responding to requests from our clients, we have expanded our creative workshops and now also offer photography, ceramic  painting, appliqué and jewellery making. 

Art is run twice a week at our Hendon Centre.

Bereavement Groups 

Separate groups are run for each of the following losses:-

For those who have lost a parent

For those who have lost a spouse

For those who have lost an adult child.

BRCA Group

A support group for those who have the BRCA1 or 2 gene.

Breast Buddies

A support group for those who have breast cancer.

Computer Lessons

Computer lessons are now available at Chai for all clients. The lessons will be given by an experienced IT teacher. 

Lifestyle Group

Chai's Lifestyle Group supports and empowers clients to regain their physical and mental wellbeing after their cancer treatment.


Meditation has been used throughout the millennia in many cultures, in some form or another, to achieve healing and improve mental and physical wellbeing. There are many varied techniques that may be used to help participants reach a peaceful state of thought-free awareness. Meditation promotes healing through deep relaxation and positive thought.

Meditation is run every Tuesday from 12.00 till 1.15pm.

Music Therapy

Sing, play, shout, clap, laugh, cry...we all respond to music. At whatever stage of life we are and however healthy we may be, music can connect us, move us, remind us who we are and change the way we think and feel. 

Chai's registered music therapist provides both individuals and group music  therapy sessions working with cancer patients, children and families. Whoever the client, whatever the challenge, the focus is on working with what they can do; the potential they have to create, communicate and improve thier quality of life.

Chai's music therapist, Phil Evans, has started a workshop in the Hendon Centre. Please contact Jo on 0208 202 2211 to find out more. 


Pilates is an invigorating form of exercise for your mind and body that can improve your strength, flexibility and overall mobility. Pilates may help re-educate the body promoting flexibility, postural alignments and musculoskeletal balance. It can help relieve stress and tension whilst providing fitness and a sense of wellbeing.

Pilates is run every Monday: Beginners plus 11-12 and Beginners 12.15-1.15pm


Many people think that yoga is just stretching. But while stretching is certainly involved, yoga is really about creating balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility. This is done through the performance of poses or postures, each of which has specific physical benefits. The poses can be done quickly in succession, creating heat in the body through movement or more slowly to increase stamina and perfect the pose. The poses are a constant, but the approach to them varies depending on the tradition in which the teacher has trained. 

Yoga is run every Wednesday from 10.30-12pm.

Please contact our Services department on 020 8202 2211 for more information about joining any group.

Chai Cancer Care & Maccabi GB Walking Club

Enjoy some fresh air and discover the great outdoors with a leisurely walk at your own pace. Reward yourself with a hot cuppa at the end!

All walks will start and end at Chai Cancer Care. To book your place please speak to Client Services on 0208 202 2211