Medical Outpatient Rehabilitation and Palliative Care Service



A collaborative service, in conjunction with the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust and Marie Curie Cancer Care.


This service, led by Dr Rachel Craig, Consultant in Palliative Care Medicine, provides a multidisciplinary rehabilitative approach to care, integrating conventional medicine with complementary and talking therapies.


Patients can be seen for:
·       uncontrolled symptoms of either the cancer or side-effects of  treatment
·       pain management
·       information giving and choices of treatment
·       failure to adapt to physical changes
·       advance care planning. 


The service provides constant communication with surgeons, oncologists and GPs to provide seamless care. 


Chai has a new gym to provide for individuals’ rehabilitation programmes. 


Transport to and from the clinic can be arranged, and whilst at Chai therapies, counselling, advice and advocacy can be organised for both patients and carers on the same day.


To view our brochure please click here.


For further information on this service, including how to access it, please call Lisa Steele on 020 8202 2211.